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We are a research and design studio exploring the intersection of arts, health and immersive technology.

We work with creative technologists, researchers and healthcare professionals to develop experiences that challenge how we think and feel about the world, and imagine the future of health and wellbeing.


Recent Projects and Events


Immersive Healthcare: Pain and Distraction Event Series

Thursday 18th July 2019

Immerse UK, Barclays Eagle Labs and Hatsumi Present:

From increasing recovery time in rehabilitation to training surgeons and offering new forms of psychological therapy, Immersive technology offers a new frontier in improving health and wellbeing. Join us for an evening celebrating the potential of VR in pain management.


The Role of the Arts in ViR for Mental Health

Consultancy and research role with Nesta investigating the role of the arts and creative practice in virtual reality for mental health.

Interim findings were presented at Alternative Futures at MShed, Bristol on Tuesday 26th March.

More details to be announced shortly.


Immersive Healthcare Steering Committee

Monday 29th July 2019

Presented by Immerse UK, The Institution of Engineering and Technology and Hatsumi

Bringing together experts and representative across immersive technology and healthcare in the UK, this was the inaugural steering committee roundtable meeting, to discuss the current barrier sand opportunities specific to the immersive healthcare sector.


Immersive Technologies for Healthcare

Monday 19th November 2018

Presented by Immerse UK, The Institution of Engineering and Technology and Hatsumi

Bringing together an interdisciplinary community across academia, creative industries, and clinical practitioners, this event will highlight some of the UK’s most exciting work in immersive technologies across medical, mental and behavioural healthcare.


Wonderland X

Dir: Kate Aidley

Supported by YouTube VR Creators and VR Scout

5 short films shot in VR 180. An adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, exploring mental health, wellbeing and our perception of reality.


NoöSphere: Mindfulness in a Hyper-Connected World

Presented by TOMTech, Brighton Digital Festival and Hatsumi

20th-23rd September 2018

An hour-long journey through three immersive experiences, inviting you to breathe, embody and visualise mindfulness.

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