StoryHackXR Podcast by Sarah Ticho

We were invited to speak with Chris T-T back in May this year to discuss Hatsumi. Listen to the podcast here, and subscribe to StoryhackXR to hear from the most exciting voices in immersive storytelling.


How do artists incorporate emerging technologies into their tool kits? As xR mediums (such as virtual, augmented and mixed reality) offer new ways to imbibe our stories, StoryHackXR is a platform for sharing how those at the leading edge are forming the cultural offer of tomorrow. 

StoryHackXR is brought to you by LoFi Arts and TOMtech, the arts and tech strand from The Old Market, Brighton.

Hatsumi Accepted on Y Combinator's Startup School by Sarah Ticho

Despite a little bit of drama regarding acceptance onto the programme, we were lucky to be selected as part of this year’s cohort.

However, as one of the originally accepted companies, we will have access to Y Combinator's network of advisers, who are all YC alumni. Following the successful completion of the 11 week course, we will be able to apply for one of the 100 $10,000 grants available to all participating companies.

Jobs in XR by Sarah Ticho

A few months ago, JXR founder Toby Allen came across our advertisement for a new team member. Through a series of serendipitous moments and some excellent marketing on Toby’s part, he helped us find our wonderful new technical lead artist Nico Smith. Read the full article here.

Welcome Dr Isaac Akande by Sarah Ticho

Another warm welcome this week to Dr Isaac Akande who joins Hatsumi as our Clinical Psychologist in Residence. He will be working with us to shape the development of Hatsumi, providing insight into the clinical underpinnings of the platform. Isaac will work with the team to facilitate sessions with people with lived experience of mental health difficullties and chronic pain. He will be running short sessions exploring the relationship between mindfulness, mental health and technology 21-23rd Sept as part of NoöSphere: Mindfulness in a Hyper-Connected World