Immerse UK & The Institution of Engineering and Technology Present…

Immersive Technologies for Healthcare

Monday 19th November 2018

at The Institution of Technology and Engineering


Bringing together an interdisciplinary community across academia, creative industries, and clinical practitioners, this event will highlight some of the UK’s most exciting work in immersive technologies across medical, mental and behavioural healthcare. 

Throughout the day participants and speakers will discuss the challenges and opportunities for stakeholders within the community and share their own knowledge and experiences. Demos will be available throughout the day, and opportunities to hear pitches from emerging startups. Together we will explore ways to develop possible new pathways to support, testing and distribution to encourage more creative cross-industry collaboration.

Read Sarah Ticho’s blog on why we are running this event: Is Tech the Tonic We’ve Been Waiting For?

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Hatsumi & TOMTech Present...  

NoöSphere: Mindfulness in a Hyper-Connected World

20th - 23rd September
at The Brighton Digital Festival

Scientists and meditation gurus alike have sung the praises of mindfulness as a technique we can harness to improve our mental wellbeing.

Whilst living in an age of hyper-connectivity often perpetuates mental distress, perhaps we can use technology as a tool to connect with ourselves, regulate our emotions and regain control over our minds and bodies.

Join us for an hour-long journey through three immersive experiences, inviting you to breathe, embody and visualise mindfulness.


Unreal Engine Demo Super-Resolution 2018.07.17 -

Trail of Angels

A meditative VR animation which invites the viewer to explore a mysterious Afterlife World based on M.K.Čiurlionis paintings and music, observing and interacting with the surroundings during visually stunning day-night cycles.

Creators: Kristina Buozyte & Vitalijus Zukas. Co-producers: Asterman, & Natrix Natrix

Inner Eye.jpg

Inner Eye

Inner Eye is a unique biofeedback experience that enables you to develop internal self awareness through observing your heartbeat, superimposed in the real world. 

Creator: Dr. Keisuke Suzuki, Sackler Centre for Consciousness, University of Sussex.


Hatsumi (1).jpg


A therapeutic virtual reality experience making the invisible visible. Participants are able to visually translate emotions and sensations onto a life size body using 3D painting tools. 

Creators: Nico Smith & Sarah Ticho

Duration: 60 mins / Intensity: Comfortable / An active, single user experience | 13+

Venue:  The Old Market, 11A Upper Market St, Brighton BN3 1AS map

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