About Hatsumi Ink 

  Image Credit: Idil Bozkurt |    I C Image

Image Credit: Idil Bozkurt | I C Image

Hatsumi Ink is an ambitious new platform to make the invisible visible. Designed to enable diagnostic and therapeutic intervention through creative expression and mindfulness, to reduce perceived pain and create a greater understanding of ourselves and others.

Participants are able to visually translate emotions and sensations onto a life size body using 3D painting tools. Designed for people living with chronic pain and mental health conditions, Hatsumi Ink uses participatory art as a tool to explore the nature of emotional distress and human experience.  

Winner of Most Financially Viable App, Best Mind/Body Connection App & Best Non-Coded Presentation at VR Wellness Hackathon - Google Launchpad |San Francisco | Feb 2018

We need research which is able to get a full sense of how people think about their own lives and identities, what influences them and what tools they use in that thinking, because those things are the building blocks of social change.
— Gaunlett & Holzwarth, 2006

To restore the human subject at the centre - the suffering, afflicted, fighting human subject - we must deepen a case history to a narrative or tale: only then do we have a ‘who’ as well as a ‘what’...
— Oliver Sachs, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat